Introducing a Nu Shade of R&B, NwClr (New Color). A Rock, Pop, R&B fusion with a simple message of Love, Life, Words, and Music. This up North Crooner is no newcomer to the scene. With years of experience,he delivers seasoned gems guaranteed to hit a familiar subject that anyone can relate to. Come take a trip on a ride you will not regret with, NwClr!!! Go to 
 Korri Bethel is one of the veterans of the crew. He brings years of musical experience to the roster. With the blood of a pioneer running through the Liberty City. Fl native, his rhymes fall short of nothing but classic poetry. He mesmerizes his audiences by painting clear pictures of everyday LIFE! Tune in to the story by going to for music, videos, and merchandise.
SoNu Records Presents super group RaWnB. The duo is made up of Raw, Face Nelson, and B,NwClr,. This group infuses raw hiphop with raw R&B soul to deliver messages about the mistreated  communities  in America like PE(Public Enemy) did to any ear that listens. In order for one to grasp the struggles or issues of topic by the tandem go to for the full experience through content and music.
 A Music Production Team with over 20 yrs of musical experience. This team is a mix of a Two Man Combo from Connecticut and Louisiana. They consider their Shop to be a One Stop for Music Production, Writing,Recording, and Mixing. So Stop on by the Music page for some production listening of The SyStM.